Why did you choose that framework?


When I began programming, I took the path recommended by many; learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript then a framework. The first 3 parts are straightforward without complications or alternatives ( when you want to be a web developer ). But the framework part is where things get complicated, more especially because we have a bunch of options to choose from.

However, when were are still learning we usually stumble upon a framework by accident. There is no logical reasoning behind our choice. It can be what our developer friends prescribed or maybe what we saw mentioned a bunch of times on twitter. I don't condemn the accidental way we choose our first framework, what do we even know, we were still newbies!

As we continue to learn and use our framework of choice, we become more and more confidant. We now tweet about how cool this framework is. As time goes on we become attached to that framework, we begin to defend it, recommend it to others and despise those using alternatives. The fact that other people are still using Jquery is a sign of framework attachment. If you are one of them check this; "You might not need jQuery"

The funny part is that we begin to talk about how cool and better our framework is without even trying out the alternatives. This is a serious hindrance to the growth of a developer. Before you criticize a framework make sure you have at least used it, make sure you clearly know it's ins and outs. While learning and trying your alternative frameworks you will be shocked how good or better they are compared to your favorite framework.

If you don't like experimenting or testing out alternatives you might be stuck in a bicycle while others are riding motorbikes.

The easier path to growth, in my opinion, is to test things out, be open to learning new things, the world of programming is moving rapidly. Don't be left behind.