What are you here to do? asked my desk.


What are you here to do? asked my desk, as I dragged a chair and sat.

I have made it a habit to always ask myself this question. My desk is where I have wasted most of my time. I would sit down and as soon as I switch on that laptop it's mayhem. Tabs everywhere, scrolling everywhere, checking updates there, reading blog posts from random sites, occasionally switching to my editor only to add just 2 lines of code and return, again, to the amusing internet. At the end of the day I have not done anything. All day wasted, with only the essential tasks barely half done.

The question "what are you here to do?" has helped me cure this ill. And to answer it, I have to write down a clear answer in bullets, with the estimated time for each task. This habit has transformed my desk from "a place where I just sit" to "A place of work", a place where I have to sit only if I know what I am there to do. This has made me more productive and more focused.

Like an ocean is the internet. Many are it's opportunities, you can surf, swim, fish, or just chill. Know what you came to the ocean for. Get it, and leave!